The teeth are one of the most noticeable parts of the face. When we meet new people, our smiles would often mark them. Or if not, we want our smiles to leave a mark on people we meet. Who would not want the first impression of a bright and glowing smile? But unfortunately, not all are innately born with a set of beautiful teeth. Some get braces or veneers for teeth corrections. However, some only struggle with the color of their teeth. How do you maintain healthy white teeth? Teeth whitening is the only answer!

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening are various processes of quickly whitening the teeth. According to sources, it is ideal for patients with healthy and unrestored teeth and gums. If you suffer from yellow teeth tone, your teeth will respond the best with teeth whitening.

With teeth whitening, you do not have to worry about staining your teeth with your favorite coffee and red wine. In a matter of minutes, your teeth will whiten progressively.

What are the kinds of teeth stains?

One of the significant teeth issues that we face is teeth stains, and some stains are crucial to getting rid of. Although teeth whitening is not primarily used to remove teeth stains, it is essential to clean the stains and identify what type of teeth stain you have before performing the teeth whitening process.  

However, for additional knowledge, there are two types of teeth stains you should look out for:

Intrinsic stains: This type of stain is inside your tooth enamel. The staining is sometimes present even before the teeth eruption from your gums occurred when you were a kid. Antibiotic use, high fluoride exposure, and thick enamel growth are the typical causes of these intrinsic stains. Moreover, a 2014 research also claims intrinsic stains are sometimes genetic.

Extrinsic stains: If intrinsic stains are found inside your tooth enamel, extrinsic stains are located outside. These stains occur due to environmental exposure that marks discoloration on your tooth enamel. The staining is caused by artificial food colorings, coffee, and smoking. According to the same study in 2014, extrinsic stains are also linked to antibiotic use, like intrinsic ones.

Is teeth whitening for me?

If you suffer from yellow teeth tones or merely want pearly white perfect teeth, the treatment is for you! However, if you have veneers, fillings, and crowns, you can still opt for teeth whitening, but remember that the process only works for natural teeth, not implants. In the end, it will be your verdict that will matter. Remember that teeth whitening is mostly for aesthetics and not a medical necessity.

We understand how yellow teeth tones affect one’s confidence in giving their best and brightest smile. But it is still wise to consult your dentist on the type of teeth whitening option that most suits you.

Longevity of results, number of treatments, and side effects

The longevity of results in teeth whitening systems will mainly depend on your tooth enamel and mouth habits. However, the average results for peroxide-based whitening gels last between six months to a year. It is essential to remember that teeth whitening is not permanent, wherein the whiteness may start to fade in a month.

Furthermore, the number of treatments needed is dependent on each person. But in general, you may require four to eight sessions for a lighter and better teeth shade.

Other whitening systems

As mentioned, there are several whitening options you can choose from, and these are the following:

Whitening Rinses: One of the newest whitening products is whitening rinses. They also reduce the risk of gum diseases and dental plaque like mouthwash. However, whitening rinses are only in contact with the teeth for 2 minutes a day compared to whitening strips, which are in touch with the teeth for half an hour. Because of this, it may have less effect.

Whitening toothpaste: A whitening toothpaste is one of the most typical types of whitening systems. These products contain mild abrasives, which is why they remove surface stains. However, whitening toothpaste does not contain bleach; it only lightens the tooth’s color by shade. You can expect three to eight shades of whiter teeth with an in-office dentist whitening procedure.

Whitening strips and gels: Whitening gels are peroxide-based gels applied using a small brush directed to your teeth’s surface. But the instructions still vary depending on the peroxide’s strength, so follow the product’s instructions carefully. Initial results are already seen in a few days and last up to four months. You may also need to apply them twice a day.

Why should you consider teeth whitening?

As mentioned earlier, teeth whitening is not a medical necessity. However, there are top 5 reasons why you should opt for the procedure, and these are the following:

  • You will feel and look healthier: No one wants to suffer and see dull and dirty teeth, especially if you are fond of smiling. However, achieving healthier and brighter teeth with teeth whitening manifests in a healthy lifestyle. People will also perceive that you have a healthy lifestyle.
  • It will boost your oral hygiene: Whitening your teeth by yourself using at-home remedies decrease the value of seeing and consulting a dentist. However, by professionally cleaning your teeth, you will learn healthy oral habits that improve your teeth’ tone. Deep oral cleansing also improves the overall welfare of your oral cavity.
  • It is safe and effective: Opting for an in-office teeth whitening procedure is safe because, without a dental expert, there is a significant risk of damaging your gums. Teeth whitening is also practical because several patients report seeing immediate results after the procedure.
  • You will carry more confidence: Having healthy pearl-white teeth is unusual, so finally, possessing it will bring more confidence to you. With teeth whitening, you will have whiter teeth that will make you feel good about your teeth.
  • It is better than home remedies: You may look up several ways to whiten your teeth, but most of these do not work in reality. But in professional teeth whitening, there is an assurance of a safe and effective procedure that does not risk the overall health of your teeth.

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