Indeed, achieving a healthy and well-toned body is excellent, especially when you do it with a proper diet and well-planned exercise. The fats you burn are primarily on the inside, but you may notice loose skin outside, especially after significantly losing weight. When wearing skin-revealing clothes, this loose skin does not look flattering. Unfortunately, it is not like a scar you can treat through creams and gels. You need a procedure that will efficiently and noticeably remove the appearance of this loose skin. Luckily, LipoDissolve is all you will need!

What is LipoDissolve?

LipoDissolve is an all-natural alternative to liposuction. It is a non-surgical, less invasive, and safer procedure that dissolves unwanted fat deposits that cannot be dissolved by simple exercise and diet. It uses micro-injections with the combination of deoxycholate (DC) and phosphatidylcholine (PPC), both naturally occurring components in the body. LipoDissolve’s primary aim is not for weight loss but to give the body a better shape.

As a result, LipoDissolve prevents you from the use of other special restrictions or girdles. It also gives a smoother, more contoured form of skin than liposuction. Additionally, in a news study about LipoDissolve, six out of seven participants have seen visible evidence of LipoDissolve and chose to undergo it again on the untreated side of their abdomen.

How does LipoDissolve work?

Two weeks before the treatment, you must avoid blood-thinning medications. During the treatment, your provider will ice the treatment areas for four to five minutes. After this, the LipoDissolve solution is injected around the areas of medicine. When the LipoDissolve is injected into the fat tissue of the skin, the fatty tails of the phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate mix with the lipids’ heavy tails on the cell wall of the fat cell. The electrically charged side or aqueous of these two components will mix with water.

The phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate work as detergents which causes the oily cell wall and other fats to dissolve in the watery fluid around the fat cell. This occurrence causes the bursting of the cell and releases its enzymes. The immune system is then activated to clean up the debris from the dissolved cells, and this body response is responsible for some of the soreness felt after an injection.

The soreness can last several weeks, but this inflammatory response completes the destruction of the fat cells and causes some collagen and other proteins to be deposited in the area, tightening and compacting the subcutaneous tissue. With this, the cellular debris and cells that have been cleared are returned with the immune cells as waste into the usual metabolic pathways.

Am I the right candidate for LipoDissolve?

LipoDissolve is best for most healthy adults over eighteen who wish to remove small to medium-sized fat deposits. It is also most effective for people with a BMI below thirty who suffer from fat accumulations which do not respond to any exercise, diet, or supplements. Remember that it is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding people who have allergies to soy, those with unhealthy weight, and fibrous or firm fat deposits. If you are a qualified candidate, you must still stay on a healthy diet and continue your exercise routine after the procedure.

What does LipoDissolve treat?

Generally, LipoDissolve is excellent in treating fats. However, it treats several specific areas, such as the following:

  • Arm and shape size
  • Cellulite
  • Leg shape and size
  • Abdominal contour
  • Gender confirmation
  • Neck and jaw definition
  • Excess body fat
  • Buttocks shape and size

All of these areas are studied by experts and proved through examinations.

Results and aftercare

Results: You can expect the results to be fully visible after the last shot of LipoDissolve spaced in two to four weeks. According to sources, professionals recommend four to ten shots for optimum results.

The longevity of the results will mainly depend on your lifestyle as the patient. The results may stay long-term if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, like a continuous nutritious diet and powerful exercise. But you might gain weight if you opt for a sedentary lifestyle with a fatty diet.

Remember that the results may change due to pregnancy, weight gain, or aging.

Aftercare: In most patient cases, there can be minimal downtime and recovery for 1-2 days after the LipoDissolve procedure. You can also resume your normal activities after the treatment, but you must limit extreme exercise for a few days. Other side effects are guaranteed to dissipate after a few days as well.

Additionally, there is no need to use special restrictions like girdles because there is no adverse reaction. You can get contoured and smoother skin with LipoDissolve without suffering from taxing side effects.

Side effects and cost

Side effects: After the LipoDissolve treatment, you can experience possible side effects such as swelling, stinging, bruising, redness, allergic reaction, lightheadedness, skin necrosis, and nodule formation on the injection sites. There are no other serious side effects like infections.

According to professionals, you will not have a heart attack because LipoDissolve treats a significantly small amount of fat.

Cost: A LipoDissolve treatment price ranges from $150 – $6,000. However, this may differ from each medical spa because of your location, length and involvement of plastic surgery, and your healthcare provider’s fee.

Return of fat?

As mentioned earlier, there is still a need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the results of LipoDissolve to stay longer. Your fat will return if you gain weight. However, even if you do, the treatment will still let your fat deposits stay away from the treated areas on average.

You do not have to worry and be insecure with those loose skin anymore with LipoDissolve! Several aesthetics and medical spas offer LipoDissolve, but not all are reliable. Make sure you go to Bella Vida Laser and Aesthetics to get the body procedure of your dreams at an affordable price!

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