For some women, aging, hormones, and genetics change, including vaginal tissue due to childbirth, negatively impact intimacy. In fact, there has been a rocketing demand for nonsurgical gynecologic treatments to help women improve their sexual self-esteem and overall quality of life. With the help of Viveve, it provides clinically proven, innovative, nonsurgical treatments to improve women’s intimate health.

As sexual health plays an integral part of overall health and wellbeing, Viveve can help restore vaginal tissue and is an FDA-approved, non-invasive, painless, and effective procedure. In little as one treatment session, women can experience renewed sexual confidence.

What Is Viveve Treatment?

Viveve is a nonsurgical gynecologic treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the vaginal tissue and produce a contraction selectively. The effect is tissue tightening and new collagen formation in the area. The device consists of a table-top unit with a specially designed handpiece featuring a single-use treatment tip.

In addition, this procedure can be done in-office with the help of a licensed aesthetician that administers vaginal tissue tightening, increase moisture, and helps treat stress urinary incontinence. Also, it can be used externally to improve the appearance of the labia majora. The treatment runs for about 30 to 60-minute while using heat produced by monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) energy, with a cooling cryogen tip for comfort.

How Does Viveve Work?

Aside from being a non-invasive treatment, it strengthens and rejuvenates vaginal tissue by delivering cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) energy to vaginal tissues and creating volumetric heating at exact temperatures to stimulate robust neocollagenesis. Specific algorithms control the energy to produce evenly and consistently deep into the tissue to stimulate healing. Viveve procedure is pain-free and fast with no downtime.

Moreover, the CMRF energy heats the underlying tissue, activating the body’s natural healing response and stimulating collagen production. While the CMRF energy is being delivered to deeper layers of tissue within the vagina, the device simultaneously cools the delicate surface tissue of the vagina. It is a practical, FDA-approved treatment that has been clinically proven to improve the following:

  • Vaginal laxity
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal sensitivity
  • Comfort during sexual intercourse
  • Sexual climax
  • Intimacy
  • Incontinence
  • Urinary leakage

It’s essential to have realistic expectations as overall results vary from person to person.

What Are The Results Of The Viveve System?

Viveve procedure produces outstanding results, including the thorough remodeling of the vaginal tissue and re-establishment of a firmer, more youthful vaginal wall which will provide deep support for the urethra and surrounding tissues. In fact, patients can return to their regular activity more or less immediately, including sexual intercourse.

When Does The Result Show?

Viveve works at the cellular level, so improvement in lubrication right away will be noticeable, but results may take a few weeks before any significant visible changes. Cell replacement and collagen production will be in full force one month after the Viveve treatment. They will continue the rebuilding process until approximately 90 days after the procedure when full results will be apparent.

Subsequently, most patients notice a dramatic improvement in vaginal sensitivity, tightness, and lubrication, as well as a significant reduction of urinary incontinence in six to nine weeks after their procedure. Results last approximately one year, sometimes longer; however, vaginal tissues will continue to age naturally, so retreatment is possible when and if symptoms return. Also, some results say that Viveve helps improve love life and overall quality of life.

How Many Viveve Treatments Are Required?

The Viveve treatment can achieve fantastic results with no post-procedure downtime in only a single treatment. This system consists of a single 30-60 minute procedure; on the other hand, ThermiVa requires three separate 30-minute procedures.

What Is The Recovery Period?

There is no recovery time required, which patients can even drive to and from the office and return to normal activities immediately. The body will respond to the Viveve treatment by generating new and more vital collagen that renews and tightens vaginal tissue.

This causes an increase in the thickness of the vaginal wall resulting in a youthful tone that increases friction and sensation with intercourse. Collagen formation and results are typically noted at about 90 days following the treatment.

What Are The Side Effects and Risks?

There is little to no downtime and no local anesthesia required during the procedure since the overlying tissue will not be damaged. However, typical complications could happen: swelling, redness, white vaginal discharge, tingling altered sensation after treatment, and slight abdominal discomfort, which are said to be mild and temporary, resolving quickly.

Also, these side effects or infections can rarely occur. The manufacturers of Viveve also emphasized that although these side effects had never been reported and did not happen in trials, there is still a potential risk of damage to the urethra or rectum that may occur.

Who Are Not Good Candidates Of Viveve?

While most women are qualified to receive the treatment as long as they are overall healthy and the treated areas don’t have any skin diseases, some women with a few medical reasons will be advised not to undergo it. Also, it is recommended not to have the procedure done when having a monthly period (menstruation) as it becomes less effective since the increase in blood in the area can impede the targeting and penetration of the radiofrequency into the tissue within the vaginal canal.

On the other hand, patients who have sexually transmitted disease (STD) should be checked, diagnosed, and treated, if required, before receiving a Viveve treatment. They may be asked to provide results from a PAP smear test within the last twelve months or have a smear test before treatment if it has been several years since the previous test. It will be used to evaluate suitability for treatment in case of any abnormal results.

Those who are pregnant are advised to wait until after the birth of their child before having treatment.

Is There Any Downtime for Viveve Procedure?

Viveve is a fantastic non-invasive option for women who want absolutely no downtime and excellent results, which uses the latest technology and a track record of excellent patient satisfaction and long-term success. Most patients can resume their regular activities immediately following their treatment.

Where To Go For The Viveve Procedure?

Viveve is an approved treatment for stress urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, and improved female sexual function worldwide. Bella Vida Laser & Aesthetics offers the Viveve System for vaginal rejuvenation that is safe and effective, which delivers a single-session treatment to generate collagen and restore tissue. The dual-mode Viveve Treatment cools & protects the surface while heating the deeper tissue.