One of the most integral parts of a woman’s health is their reproductive health. Like any body part, taking care of the vagina is equally essential. Commonly, women will not talk about vaginal issues because it sounds controversial and private. However, most blogs do not stress enough that vaginal health talks must also be amplified. Blogs and clinics that promote these topics and services push women to open up about vaginal issues. Establishing a safe space for female sexual health is a great encourager. But with the arising vaginal problems, what is a way to address them? Through Viveve, of course!

What is Viveve?

The Viveve System for Vaginal Rejuvenation, previously known as Geneveve, operates a single-session treatment for collagen generation and tissue restoration. The therapy also addresses incontinence, dryness, and vaginal laxity. The Viveve system is ideal for women who desire a one-time treatment in a 25-minute duration. The therapy uses a clinically-proven CMRF or cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency to consistently deliver gentle volumetric healing while simultaneously cooling the delicate surface tissue.

The technology encourages the body’s natural collagen production. Patients and doctors testify that The Viveve System provides a noticeable and visible tightening in the vaginal barrel for higher pleasure and friction during sexual intimacy, more youthful and firm vaginal tissue, and better bladder control.

What causes vaginal laxity?

As mentioned earlier, vaginal laxity is one of the most common problems why most women opt for viveve. This condition refers to the weakening of vaginal tissues. There is a pool of factors as to why women experience vaginal laxity, and these include the following:

  • Age
  • Childbirth
  • Persistent strain/cough
  • Pregnancy
  • Natural collagen loss
  • Weight fluctuation/obesity
  • Past surgery/trauma

How does Viveve help?

Under a twenty-five-minute procedure, the Viveve System uses CMRF technology to create volumetric heating at exact temperatures to promote robust neocollagenesis. Specific algorithms control the energy to consistently and evenly penetrate the tissue for efficient tissue repair. The treatment is quick and painless, with zero dramatic recoveries.

Number of treatments, cost, and results

The Viveve system consists of a single 25-minute treatment. Sources claim that the treatment is only one. However, the number of treatments per patient varies depending on their vaginal situation.

The Viveve system cost varies depending on your location, specific treatments needed, and your provider’s fee. During your initial consultation, you can tackle your condition, desires, and goals with your chosen provider so they can also help you in your Viveve journey. Additionally, you can discuss payment plans, discounts, and packages with them to get Viveve at a lower price.

The Viveve system results include remodeling the vaginal tissue and re-establishing a more youthful and firmer vaginal wall that will support the urethra and its surrounding tissues. Furthermore, there is no downtime after a Viveve session because you can immediately return to your daily activities, even sexual intercourse.

That is why if you desire a vaginal treatment with no downtime but still give noticeable results, Viveve might be for you!

How will Viveve improve female sexual health?

Aside from improving a women’s sexual pleasure and vaginal tightening, patients also indulge in the following benefits:

  • Stronger libido
  • Boosted self-esteem
  • Improved vaginal lubrication
  • Enhanced continence
  • Increased sexual stimulation
  • Greater pleasure sexual activity

Tips for a tighter vagina

There are circumstances where vaginal laxity disrupts a woman’s everyday life. That is why it is best to know tips on keeping your vagina tight. However, it is vital to note that vaginas do not become loose because they are meant to stretch. They only become looser because of childbirth or age.

If you aim to have strong and healthy vaginal muscles naturally, you can try these tips:

  • Pelvic tilt exercises: The pelvic tilt exercise involves standing with shoulders and butt against the wall. Remember to keep your knees soft. Next, you must pull your belly button toward your spine while your back is flattened against the wall. Lastly, tighten your belly button for four seconds, then release. Experts suggest repeating this process several times a day.
  • NMES (Neuromuscular electrical stimulation): NMES is a type of electrical stimulation that helps strengthen vaginal muscles by sending an electric current through your pelvic floor, utilizing a probe. NMES will cause your pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax. You can opt for your doctor to perform the treatment or use a home NMES unit.
  • Kegel exercises: To do kegel exercises, you must first identify your pelvic floor muscles, which is done by stopping midstream while peeing. If you succeed in this, you can start your kegel exercise by choosing a position for execution; most people prefer lying on their backs. After this, tighten your identified pelvic floor muscles, contracting them for five seconds and then relaxing for another five seconds. You must repeat this step five times in a row.

Gradually increase the contraction and relaxation to ten seconds as you build strength. An essential tip while doing the kegel exercise is to try not to tighten your butt, thighs, or abs and only focus on your pelvic floor.

  • Vaginal cones: A vaginal cone is a weighted tampon-sized object that you put inside the sex organ and hold. It was claimed that vaginal cones are excellent for urinary incontinence after childbirth, but more studies about this claim are needed.

To do vaginal cone exercises, you must first insert the lightest cone into your vagina. Next, hold it in place for fifteen minutes twice a day. Gradually increase the cone’s weight as you become more successful in managing to keep the cone in place in your vagina.

These tips and exercises guarantee strength in your vaginal muscles, but they are tiresome to execute. If you do not want to get through all of these, the Viveve System is for you!

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